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Presenza patent-pending design allows you to expand the shirt’s top half by unbuttoning the area under the arm if you need more “cleavage coverage.” You’re in control of showing off your assets, when you choose!

The Inspiration Behind Presenza

As the daughter of a cultural anthropologist and an accountant, I’ve often been told that I was afforded a unique perspective of the world. My father’s creativity paired with my mother’s practicality have provided me with both a curiosity in what motivates humans, and a desire to be part of the business world. I am fortunate to have spent a short period living in Milan, Italy, arguably the world’s leading style mecca. My time abroad helped to direct my business focus towards women’s fashion, and my travels also solidified the notion that I don’t really fit into a traditional corporate role.


Wedding Fashion

Both my twin sister and I are “Blessed a Full Chest”, which oftentimes feels like a curse when shopping for business attire–or any tops for that matter. Our search for stylish clothing has been an ongoing struggle, so I decided to solve our problem by starting my own business, designing a line of tops for my fellow “busties.”

Behind Presenza’s Concept

With the help of a handful of amazing mentors, I set out researching my niche market, the full chested female, to ensure there were enough of us out there to make an actual business worthwhile. I began finding various options when it came to button-down oxford shirts, but there wasn’t much else out there. I knew I had to come up with something different, yet still classic and feminine.

New FashuionTrends

After striking up many conversations about fashion and lifestyle with friends and strangers alike, it finally clicked – the wrap top! The fitted wrap is a woman’s favorite because it adds femininity to any outfit, but it is difficult to find one that provides ample coverage. There’s a unique feature in the Presenza design that allows you to expand the shirt’s top half by unbuttoning the area under the arm if you need more “cleavage coverage.” Since our curves should be celebrated, my design accentuates the smallest part of the waist while providing comfort and coverage in the chest. I hope you enjoy Presenza’s top as much as I enjoyed making it!

Popular Outfits

We envisioned you wearing Presenza, every where, so whether you dress it up or down, it’s always stylish and comfortable! Visit to find your size.

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