At Last, You Can Dye Underwear In Sea Of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves updates are usually pretty big. That can mean giant shark battles, massive PvP modes, or even grand story adventures. While the newest update does have a big addition—a difficult “fort of the damned” with rare loot inside—it also has a smaller, sillier feature: the ability to change the color of your underwear.

Cosmetics form the core of Sea of Thieves’ progression system. Grind enough reputation or gather enough gold and you can gather a variety of dashing hats, golden swords, and exclusive “Pirate Legend” gear. Through it all, there’s been one boring constant: dull, drab underwear.

Finally, you can change the color of your smallclothes and, in theory, change out your ragged and well-worn breeches. It’s all thanks to a simple little widget that dyes clothing with a range of basic colors.

It’s as simple as accessing the clothing chest on your ship and selecting a bottle of dye. No hassle, no bizarre quest to steal the ancient underwear potion of Captain Dread Pants, and no need to spend gold on colors. It’s a pretty limited system for the moment, but I’m hoping that an exciting range of designs and colors become available. A captain usually wears a heavy coat or fantastic dress, but every now and then you need to intimidate an enemy crew by running around half-naked. And at least now, you can do it with a little more style.

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