Yandex’s new TikTok-style app can identify what you’re wearing

Russian tech giant Yandex just launched a TikTok rival called Sloy, which means ‘layer’ in Russian. The app lets you create 90-second videos with augmented reality effects and background music.

Currently, the app is only available for iOS users in Russia. The company says it plans to launch Android and iOS versions for a global audience early next year.

Sloy’s developers have trained its AI to recognize and tag clothing items worn by you. You can click on the tag and watch videos that contain similar clothes and styling. This foreseeably opens great opportunities for partnerships between content creators, fashion labels, and clothing stores.

Plus, you can save these items to a collection for future reference and share them with your friends.

While Yandex developed the app‘s ‘clothing recognition’ AI, its AR filters are made by Banuba, a Belarus-based company that works on facial AR.

Yandex says it’s targetting young fashion and style enthusiasts in Russia initially. It has already tested the app for five months with 3,000 users.

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