Jeffree Star says he’s selling almost all his designer clothes when he moves into his new mansion

Jeffree Star is one step closer to moving into his new $14.6 million mansion.

On Friday, the YouTuber gave fans a look at his moving process in a new video titled “Cleaning Out Our ENTIRE Messy House!” Throughout the 19 minutes of footage, Star, his boyfriend, and a team of professional clothing sellers sort through his clothing in the hopes of selling most of it.

According to Star, he also plans to donate “the things that aren’t Gucci and Chanel.”

In his new YouTube video, Jeffree Star says he plans to sell 75% of his designer wardrobe

Rather than selling each garment himself, Star enlisted the help of The RealReal — an online, secondhand shop that specializes in selling designer duds. The clothing he chose to sell includes pieces from brands like Balmain, Gucci, Tom Ford, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

“If I’m never going to wear any of this stuff again, why just let it sit?” Star said when explaining his decision to purge his closets. “Let someone else enjoy it.”

jeffree star the realreal

Jeffree Star and employees from The RealReal sort through clothing.

Jeffree Star/YouTube

Throughout his video, Star seemed surprised to find many of the clothes in his closet

At one point, Star’s cameraman asks how much of his wardrobe has never been worn. Star replies that the percentage is probably around 20%, and later goes on to prove so.

Not only do multiple items in his closets still have tags on them, but Star also points out shoes that are still packaged in their original boxes. There are also numerous items mentioned in the video that Star seemingly has no recollection of buying, like Louboutin loafers and pairs of Gucci gloves.

One of the most alarming moments in the YouTube video is when Star pulls out a Gucci jacket that he says he forgot to return after realizing it didn’t fit him. He then reveals a $12,500 price tag.

jeffree star gucci jacket

Jeffree Star says he’s never worn this $12,500 jacket.

Jeffree Star/YouTube

He also said he has a tendency to ‘hoard everything’ he buys

“I have, like, a struggle in my head — like coming from nothing — of like ‘oh my god I gotta hoard everything,’ or ‘I don’t wanna let it go,’ or like ‘oh my god I spent money, all my hard-earned work,'” Star said. “But like, I’m at a different head space.”

He later said he “doesn’t buy much stuff anymore,” and that most of his wardrobe was purchased during a “crazy phase” of his life.

“I’m sure you notice — makeup, clothes, and everything,” Star said. “It’s almost like the sense of like, is it all gonna go away? Should I hoard because it could all be pulled away from me like it was before during my Myspace days and all my tax problems like 10 years ago?”

jeffree star youtube

Jeffree Star talks about his relationship with material items on YouTube.

Jeffree Star/YouTube

Eventually, Star said he’s now in a “really good headspace” and is “ready to clear a lot of the stuff out.”

“I just can’t wait for the feeling of like, clutter to not be here,” Star said.

The YouTuber reportedly spent $14.6 million on his new mansion

According to E! News, Star’s new mansion measures 25,000 square feet, not including two guest houses and a 4,700-square-foot garage. It’s located in Hidden Hills, California, and reportedly cost $14.6 million — that’s $10.6 million more than his current home.

Inside the new mansion, Star will have access to eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, an elevator, sauna, and spa. There’s also a wine cellar, movie theater, bar, game room, pool, and two-story gym.

Representatives for Jeffree Star did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

You can watch Star’s new video on YouTube.


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