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Ethical fashion is on the rise

Brian Kateman Contributor More posts by this contributor The fashion industry has historically relied on exploitative, unsustainable and unethical labor practices in order to sell clothes — but if recent trends are any indication, it won’t for much longer. Over the last several years, the industry has entered a remarkable period of upheaval, with major and…

The teen designing eSwatini's traditional regalia thumbnail

The teen designing eSwatini’s traditional regalia

Cultural traditions in Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, are still highly valued throughout society.Sandizile Malindiza, a 16-year-old designer from the country, spoke to BBC Africa’s What’s New? about why she thinks her designs retain importance.Video producers: Agnes Penda, Christine Njeri. Video journalist: Eugene Osidinia.

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Wear Loose Clothing on a Long Flight

Mile High WeekFlying the “friendly skies” is often hell, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s Mile High Week, and we’re investigating everything flight-related, from how to score cheap tickets to the best time to book, from how to fall asleep on a long-haul flight to how to win the perennial war over armrests. Wheels…

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How to Hack Your Baby’s Clothing

Photo: UnsplashDressing an infant can be fun. Perhaps you have a drawer full of onesies with slogans such as: “Diaper loading. Please wait.” Hilarious. But it can be tricky at times, too. We’ve got some clever solutions to some common baby clothing challenges.If your baby has outgrown a pair of (inexpensive) footie pajamasCut the feet…

Determine the Quality of a Clothing Item With This Cheat Sheet thumbnail

Determine the Quality of a Clothing Item With This Cheat Sheet

A question I get a lot from people who wear clothing is, “Where can I buy clothes that don’t cost too much, but won’t fall apart after the first wash?” As a former vintage clothing reseller and a long-time fashion podcaster, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the very very ugly when it comes…